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5 Keys For Hitting Better Drives On The Golf Course

Driving should be approached completely differently to iron shots and short play techniques. The stance is much further away from the ball and the body needs to move differently during the swing. Weight distribution will lend distance to your shot and should be done more strictly than with other shots. While stability is important during address, flexibility is a must if the shot is to gain proper distance. Here are five secrets that professional drivers understand better than most.

  1. All of their weight goes into one shot
  2. Great drivers know that if the ball is to travel far, all their body weight needs to be behind the shot. To do so requires a fair amount of technique and weight distribution. It also requires flexibility during the swing and good stability before the swing is made. The rest of these tips are presented below, but it should be stated that a regular gym schedule is a must if all are to be mastered.

  3. Their weight ends on the left side of the body
  4. Weight distribution will start well balanced and then end up on the left of the body once the shot has been made. Don’t compromise on this. By the time your ball is in the air, make sure your right leg is practically off the ground with the toes pointing downwards. Then you will know you have put as much weight behind your shot as you were able.

  5. They maintain a stable stance
  6. But before the shot is made, the best drivers know that stability is key. Plant yourself solidly where you are and don’t make too many foot adjustments while aligning your club. Your feet should be weighed down with imaginary concrete before anything else takes place.

  7. They stand a healthy distance away from the ball
  8. Good drivers are not afraid to stand nice and far from the ball at address. They know that they will get more swing and more power behind their shot if they are not too close to the ball.

  9. Shoulder flexibility comes naturally
  10. Your goal in working out regularly at the gym is to get flexible with your upper body. You want firmness mixed in with elasticity. Your shoulders must be highly flexible so that aim and power do not compromise each other.

Implement these techniques in your own driving and you will soon see yourself move up in distance and aim during your drives.