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5 Facts You Didn't Know About The Gramacho Golf Course

Gramacho is an interesting course and is very different to other courses in Algarve. If you are thinking of visiting this course, here are some interesting facts you probably did not know about it.

  • Gramacho has had 9 holes added
  • The course started out as a nine-hole golf course, but it has since been extended and now possesses nine additional holes. Although the course has been doubled, you would not notice the difference in theme and general appearance. The second batch of holes is present as if it had always been there. The new holes have appealed to regular Gramacho visitors and most testify to the fact that they add a whole new dimension to the course.

  • Gramacho mainly makes use of existing structures for its layout
  • All of the structures, trees, and landscape features have been left mostly untouched to form the Gramacho course. These features add to the charm and historical personality of the course. Many who frequent Gramacho go for this sense of culture and ‘old-world’ feel.

  • You can play two different tees and greens
  • Each hole that features in the Gramacho course has two separate tee-off positions as well as respective greens. That means you can opt for a mild game by choosing the one, or a more challenging game by picking the other. This is one of those features that make Gramacho unique from other Algarve courses.

  • Gramacho is made up of old farms
  • Before it became a golf course, Gramacho consisted of various surrounding farms. Many of the trees that are now there were left over from the plantations that used to be there. This has been largely untouched and forms part of the character and shape of the course.

  • Bunkers and water hazards are not what make the course a challenge
  • The water hazards and bunkers that feature in the course are not placed in a very ‘malicious’ way. However, the fact that these traps do not provide a challenge does not mean that course is not challenging. The shape of the course is what actually provides players with the challenge they have come for. Devious turns and frustrating slopes will pop up occasionally and surprise the player unexpectedly. It’s a course that makes you think before you make your move—which is the only way to play it and do well.