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Free Golf Tips on How to Carry out the Stinger Drive

A stinger shot refers to the condition when the player consciously wants to hit the ball in a lower position than normal. In such a condition, the ball flies much lesser distance if we perceive the carry. But, it rolls out much more. A fairway wood or a long iron is used to play this shot. It is also played off the tee. A stinger is mainly a punch shot. The term “stinger” was made popular by Tiger Woods. It is probably difficult to play like Tiger, but it is not so difficult to learn how to play the stinger shot.

Here, we provide some simple golf tips, which will make it easy for you to master the stinger shot.

  1. Stinger is especially favorable to the golfer when the climate is windy. It is required to hit a low and controlled shot, which would hit the fairway.
  2. It can be played off the tee with any kind of club. If you are not carrying a 2-iron or a 3-iron, you can play comfortably with a fairway wood.
  3. While addressing the game, play the ball in your stance, a couple of inches farther back. Position your hands a little forward.
  4. Choke down on the grip, about an inch or two, to add control.
  5. All these adjustments would cause the shaft and the arms to make a “Y”.
  6. Now, make a complete backswing and you should try to maintain this “Y” to the maximum possible extent throughout the backswing.
  7. The low trajectory of the stinger shot and its extra roll are the result of the bowed wrist position of the golfer.
  8. To practice stopping quickly after the shot, you can use a long iron to hit the punch-slice; then, hit the ball and stop immediately. The right method to stop quickly after the impact is to maintain the firm wrists.
  9. At impact, the “Y” wrist position prevents the wrists from releasing or flipping over after impact.
  10. Once the bowed impact is achieved, the finish is naturally arrived, as the trunks and arms turn around the club to the left.

The body has to unwind faster in order to hit the ball farther. The finish of the stinger shot is very different from the normal finish where the hands end up turning over. In the stinger finish, the wrists remain firm with the left elbows folding down to the ground.

You should start at a lower level, maybe a 5-iron punch shot of about 30 yards. You can gradually extend the follow-through and add distance.