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The Different Types Of Golf Shots And Their Characteristics

Depending on the point you play the golf shot, there are different types of golf shots. Usually, each shot is played using its own certain kind of golf club, still different shots can be played using one club only, modifying the direction and speed of the swing.

Categories of golf clubs

  • Woods

  • Hybrids

  • Putters

  • Irons

You can carry maximum fourteen golf clubs for one round of golf.

Types of golf shots

The opening shot of the game is known as tee shot. Other shots like flop, pitch, and chip are played around the green into the area of green. Putts are the shots that are played on green.

Tee shot

Being the first shot of the game, tee shot is played from the teeing ground. You can hit a tee shot using a driver off the tee if the hole is long. An iron club can be used for shorter hole. For a long hole, the tee shot should have shallow flight, and high flight for short hole.

Fairway shot

This shot resembles drive if it is hit with a fairway wood. You cannot use the tee once the ball is brought into the game. Therefore, fairway shots may seem a little difficult based on the position of the ball. If the fairway shot has to be played precisely and length of the shot is not important, you can use irons, particularly when you are playing from rough.

Bunker Shots

When the ball flies into a sand trap or a bunker, you have to play the bunker shot. If the bunker shot is played with a wedge, it resembles the pitch shot.

Approach shot

When the ball is hit from outside green into the area of green, it is called an approach shot. It is usually played over a short or intermediate distance. There are different kinds of approach shots:

Pitch shot

It is a high shot, which makes the golf ball take a high flight and roll a little. The ball stops almost right where it lands. A pitch shot is normally played with a wedge.

Flop shot

Flop shot is even higher than the pitch shot, and the ball stops immediately after it lands. It is played when the golfer has to overcome an obstacle to reach the green. A lob wedge or a sand wedge is used to play this shot.

Chip shot

Chip shot is a low shot to make the ball take a shallow flight to roll on the green. A short iron or a wedge is used to play this shot.