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5 Keys To Effective Chipping Distance Control

Most holes on a golf course are Par 4s. A good shot off the tee followed by an iron means you are on the green in regulation. If you are wayward off the tee your opportunity to hit the green with your second may be reduced. In those circumstances there is pressure on your short game. Undoubtedly your putter is a crucial club in your bag but it is also very important if you want to score well that you are able to accurately judge distance. If you can do that, and you are good at chipping, then you will be able to rescue par even if one of your earlier shots was wayward.

There are a range of challenges when chipping that vary from distance to hazards that may be between yourself and the green. In some instances you will be able to play a chip and run. In other cases you will need the aerial route. It means that the choice of club may be anything from 7 iron through to wedge and practicing with each of the clubs is important if you are to score well.

  • Logically the further the shot the more power is required.
  • One key to distance with short clubs is the length of the back swing. A good golfer needs to develop touch and that is translating the distance to go into the swing to be made.
  • A practice drill using a few balls will help. If you decide on your target and hit several balls towards it, you will become more adept at what power you need for specific distances.
  • Concentrate on a follow through which is the same length as the back swing was. That is the easiest way to develop rhythm.
  • For the longer chip understand that you will need a longer back swing and follow through but don’t assume you need to quicken that swing.

Good chips need good judgement. Some shots are best carried most of the distance to the ultimate target, others may be more effective if you judge that landing at a halfway point is a safer option. The terrain is always a factor, and it is not just uphill or downhill. On closely mown grass the ball may roll. Where the grass is lush it is unlikely to do so.

Think, understand and practice. Your preference of club may differ from others. If it works for you then stick with your choice.