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How To Achieve Good Contact With The Golf Ball On Tight Lies

It is very easy to tell apart a professional golfer from an amateur, especially when you monitor the manner in which they handle the ball on tight lies. For a fact a lot of amateurs are normally afraid to take on tight lies because of the fear of making mistakes. First of all for those who are not aware, a tight lie is pretty much a situation where there is no grass or very little between the ball and the ground. This is a common occurrence in the event that you are playing on a fairway that has been mowed closely. The reason for this is normally to provide more distance on the fairway shots and the tee shots.

Most of the time you will experience tight lies where there is very little grass son the course, particularly as a result of extreme wear. Since the grass has not yet been seeded during the summer and with the lack of rain, you may struggle with this kind of ground as an amateur.

  • To be precise, it is not so hard playing on tight lies, and as long as you can understand how to approach the shot in the correct way, nothing should stop you from getting a very good shot. If you ever find yourself in such a position, try and strike the ball clean from the ground. First make sure that you adapt your set up position so that you can be able to do this well. The ball should be played slightly far from your normal stance.
  • By changing your stance, you are able to connect with the ball on your downward swing, as a result of which you get to strike the ball and finally the turf to get that crisp connection that you desire. On the same note, remember to have your weight to your opposite side (right foot for those who are left handed and left foot for those who are right handed), and while you make the hit, ensure that your hands are positioned forward.
  • Make sure that you create and sustain a straight line from the left of your shoulder to your hands and then make sure that you down the shaft all the way to the club head. The more you do this, the easier it will be for you to get a steep swing with your club than you normally do.