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How to Develop an Effective Golf Practice Routine

Many golfers are looking for the perfect practice routine; and while there are many of these routines available online, the best is to develop your own according to what you are trying to improve on, and what specific skills you’re trying to develop.

Short but regular

A good method for practicing your golfing is to make a little bit of time for practicing as often as possible—as opposed to long practice sessions once in a while. If you have the time, try to dedicate at least 4 days a week to your golfing, although if you can do so every day, that would be better.

Purposeful practicing

Be sure you have a set purpose for the day’s training. Are you practicing your chipping, driving, sand play; or will you be focusing on putting? Try to focus on no more than two specifics during one practice session, so that those areas can be considerably concentrated on. By doing this, you will also be able to address problems more effectively, because you aren’t rushing off to the next drill while neglecting the one you've just been working on.

Make time for the gym in your practice routine

Spending time in the gym is just as important for your golf game as practicing at the driving range. Working out your upper body will encourage comfortable swing movement when making golf strokes. Likewise, arm and leg strength will help you to control and balance your body weight distribution for when various techniques are called for. In golf, flexibility is of utmost importance, and working out at the gym does a lot to achieve that.

Mental preparation before practice

If you’re reading this you’re probably the type of person who enjoys scanning the internet for golfing tips and advice. Save some of the best golf blogs and online videos on a folder and place it on your desktop. Before you go off for a practice session, have a quick read or watch a video. This will mentally prepare you for the drill you’ll be working on for that day and will help you to recall some good advice while practicing.

Put it on paper

However your schedule looks when you’re done, make sure to make it tangible. Print out a copy of your practice routine and carry it with you when you go and play. Make it a strict rule that the schedule must be adhered to, but feel free to change it around when the need arises. Remind yourself that improving your game is heavily dependent on how disciplined you are with your practice routine.