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Mastering Lag Putting - Step-By-Step Tutorial

Lag putting refers to a shot used by the golfers to make the ball reach up to the proximity of the nearest hole. Usually golfers, amateurs and professionals, term the long putt shot as the lag putt.

The main advantage of playing the lag putt shot is that you get an opportunity to hit the bull’s eye in the following shot, i.e. the probability of the golf ball entering the final hole increases. You can follow the tips mentioned in this article to master the lag putt shot.

Ball position

Make an idea about the distance between your standing posture and the ball position. It will help you decide when to hit the putt shot. You can count the steps of your address position from the target line to gain perfect control over the golf ball at impact. You must place the ball behind the target line and adopt a wider stance aligned with the ball position to hit a perfect golf drive.


Once you hit the lag putt shot, you must prepare for the second putt shot to make the ball enter the hole at once. You can mentally calculate the diameter of the final hole; it is approximately 3 feet. If the lag putt shot helps the land up inside the desired diameter, you will be able to hit the second putt shot perfectly. First you must aim to hit the ball in a way that it falls close to the final hole.

Long shots

The accuracy of the backswing will help you hit the putt shot. If you want to hit a longer put shot, you must practice to hit the higher backswing. However, when you bring your club down while taking the downswing, you must not use more power at impact.

Body rhythm

Rhythmic movements of the body such as the rotation of your arms and hips will lead to a perfect putt shot. Smooth movements also contribute to good lag putts. Even, if you are hitting a shorter putt you must maintain a smooth rhythm and body movements. you must lean forward when you are taking the backswing and move forward while taking the downswing at impact.


A good warm-up technique will help a golfer to play a good game of golf. Hence, you can practice lag putt shots in the warm –up before playing a tournament.