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Golf Lessons From The Pros: 4 Best Backswing Drills

At the moment there are so many people who are trying to learn a thing or two about golf, which is a brilliant idea altogether. There are common basic skills that you will have to perfect for you to become so good at the game. Things like the backswing should feature prominently in your list of skills to learn.

A lot of players these days take classes and also supplement these by watching some videos online to learn a thing or two, or at least to become better in the long run than they already are at the moment. This is what makes you a really good player. The following are some useful drills that will come in handy for your backswing:

  • Stand correctly

  • The grip

  • Position your knees

  • Swing properly

Stand correctly

It might sound weird, but rest assured that there are so many players out there who do not know how to stand properly. As you are planning on this, it is important that you learn to get the best position for each shot, so that you can send in a good backswing. It is the simple things like this one that eventually make or break your game, so think carefully about it.

The grip

Did you know how many times people get the wrong grip? You cannot hold the club too tight or too loose and still expect to send in a good backswing. That is impossible. In as much as there are different types of grips that you can learn, make sure you perfect one that you understand best, and then know how to use it effectively for different types of shots.

Position your knees

The knees might not necessarily be playing the ball, but rest assured that they will play an important role in terms of where you will send the ball. As you are preparing for the backswing, make sure that you have your knees slightly bent. It is that simple, and this really simple tip goes a long way. As a matter of fact, did you know that by simply positioning your knees accordingly on this shot, you are able to keep off injury when you are playing?

Swing properly

The swing itself is just as important as the other points. Make sure that you have your arms out straight, as straight as you possibly can have them, so that they are away from the clubhead.