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Free Golf Lessons: A Brief Introduction To Specialty Shots

Golf can be a frustrating game. Newcomers to the sport have to master some basics of grip and stance and often it takes many rounds before the magic figure of 100 is broken. It is tempting to swing too hard in the early days in the misguided belief that it was personal strength and speed would guarantee the ball travelled further off the tee. Timing is more important and of course accuracy so that the ball finishes on the fairway rather than the deep rough.

Putting also requires good alignment, a smooth swing and nerve. Those who can cut out three putts will rarely have to worry about beating 100. Their handicaps will fall as long as they can master some of the shots that are not quite standard, not the simple short iron that hits the green every time.

Uneven Lies

Golf courses are not all flat. There are times when you will face a shot where the ball is well below your feet and others where the ball is above your feet. You have to adjust your stance to take that into account. It is all too easy to hook a ball that is above your feet and slice one that is below them. As well as adjusting your stance, bending your knees you need to aim in a direction that will counteract the tendency to hook or slice.

Chip and Run

Some golfers find it easy to judge an approach shot by hitting it largely along the ground, or certainly keeping it low. It is only suitable where there is no rough in front of the green so that the ball will continue to run as long as it is hit hard enough. The ball should perhaps land just short of the green if it is a shot of 50 – 75 yards. The stance should be fairly narrow and the grip perhaps slightly down the shaft.

Flop Shots

In contrast, if there is a hazard between you and the green you will need to use a fairly lofted club to carry the ball over the hazard on to the green to stop fairly quickly. Relax and open your stance slightly. Always take a practice swing or two first.


Sand does not have to be a disaster. You just need to open your stance, with an open club face as well, and make sure you are stable. Aim at the sand just behind the ball and the sand will take the ball out of the bunker. Easy.