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What To Do If I Keep Pushing My Shots In Golf?

Pushing the ball is a major problem in many golfers. It upsets the confidence level of a Golfer and definitely results in giving them a negative point or points in some cases. It is also known as Block, a mishit. This mishit has become a real problem for golfers as they keep on doing this and it is difficult for them to recover from this bad habits. The main reason behind these mishit is sometimes the downswing. In fact, it is mostly the downswing. When you swing your club from the inside to the outside, you deflect the ball towards the right of your target and similarly if you go the other way around, you hit it towards the left of the target which causes you some serious damage. This article will surely be helpful in getting you out this trouble and will definitely bring back your confidence level if you have lost it somewhere.

  • Sliding your Hips
  • When you slide your hips too much during the backswing, the result shot is a mishit and it hurts you. It can be easily overcome. All you have to do is concentrate on your hips motion and reduce it if you want yourself to finish a good shot. When the rotation is more, the follow through results in a mishit as your club instead of going straight, moves closer to your body.

  • Synchronization of Lower and Upper Body
  • Usually the synchronization of lower and upper body does matter during all kinds of shots. If the synchronization is not there, the shot will be a mishit. When you move your lower body faster than the upper body, your club swings slower than your legs hence, causes a mal-shot.

  • Line of Action
  • Usually line of action of club is really important and it is not followed by many of the players while it should be. If you rotate from the inside towards the outside, the shot is a mishit causing you a damage and similarly, if it is from the outside towards the inside, there is a definite damage again.

  • Smooth Swinging
  • Sometimes, you swing the club with lower confidence level and during the path, you take very minor breaks which affects the continuity of the club and the resulting shots comes out as a miscalculated shot even if the calculation done before, is correct. So, such shots should be played with full confidence so that the swing is smooth.