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Working on Your Golf Swing: Drills that Will Help You Gain More Power

When you head out to work on your golf swing, there are generally two aspects that you can work on improving – power, or accuracy. While accuracy is obviously important, many golfers love to work on their power so they can maximize how far they can hit each of their clubs. Before you go to the driving range for your next practice session, it would be helpful to have a few drills ready to use that can help you max out the power hiding inside your swing.

Consider using one or more of the following drills during your next trip to the practice range in the pursuit of more power –

  • Feet together. Sometimes too add power, you have to first take power away. In this case, that means standing with your feet together at address and making some swings with your arms only. Trying hitting a few shots while keeping your feet right next to each other instead of spread apart as they would usually be during your swing. This drill forces you to learn how to efficiently use your hands to accelerate the club head through the ball. After a few swings, return to your normal stance and you should notice and improvement in your power.
  • Swing slowly. Try making some practice swings without hitting the golf ball at about half of your normal swing speed.
  • During these swings, focus on your balance and timing to make sure that your lower body is leading the swing down toward the ball and the hands are the last thing to come through the hitting zone. Make three slow-motion practice swings, then step up and hit a shot at regular speed. Continue this pattern until you feel like you have better control over your swing from start to finish.
  • Visualization. This last tip is not a physical one, but rather a mental trick to help gain power in your swing. Before you hit your shot on the practice range, stand behind the ball and visualize the shot you want to hit. Then, when you step up to the ball to swing, keep that vision clear in your mind and try to replicate it with the full swing you make. By seeing clearly the shot you want to hit, your confidence should improve and you should have a much better chance at accelerating the club aggressively through impact.