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4 Exercises That Can Help You Ease Back Pain After Playing Golf

Back pain is a problem that most golfers complain about. Most misconstrue that back pain is an outcome of the aging process. That’s not true as nowadays we see young golfers suffering from constant, irritating back pain that can attack anytime and anywhere. This pain is often the result of weak muscles caused due to years of abuse and neglect. The advice most hear from coaches when the topic of back pain is discussed is that poor swing mechanics is the reason for the pain and by working on your posture and swing you can effectively fight the problem. Though there might be some amount of truth in that the major reason is weak muscles and it can only be countered by regular workout. Here, we share with you 4 great exercises for back pain.

Lumbar Extension Stretches

Lay on a flat surface with your stomach pressing down. The elbows must be bent and placed under the chest, with the palms flat pressing against the surface. You must be laid prone with the knees, pelvic region, and hips pressing downwards. Press your palms and arms down and raise your torso so that it resembles the front half of a boat. Keep in mind that the back muscles must be relaxed. Hold this position for 10 seconds and return to the normal position. Do this routine 10 times daily to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the lumbar region.

Plank Exercise

The plank workout is a slightly difficult exercise, especially if you’re not athletic and strong in the arms. This exercise is done to strengthen the core muscles. Lay face down and tuck the arms under the chest; your palms must be pressing against the surface. When you’re relaxed, with your palms push the body up. Your entire body weight must rest on the palms and toes. Your wrists must be directly below the shoulders. You’ll feel the core muscles working. After staying in this position for 30 seconds return to the normal, relaxed position. Do this routine 3 times every day.

Cook Hip Lift

Weak glutes are often singled out by fitness experts as the main reason for back pain in golfers. Simple stretching exercises won’t help much in fixing the glutes. Strengthening them can effectively reduce the burden and pressure your body and swing puts on other muscles. Lay with your back against the floor; bend the knees and rest your heels and toes on the floor surface. Now pull the right leg closer to your body and hold the knee with your hands. Now, push your left heel down and raise your butt and hips into the air. Hold the position for 5 seconds and release. Repeat the cook hip lift exercise 3 times daily to strengthen the glutes.

Stiff Arm Pull Downs

We’ll wrap it off with an easy yet very effective core strengthening workout. Stand upright and extend both your arms in front of you. It’s very important to keep the arms straight. Now do pull downs with your arms still extended in front. Repeat the stiff arm pull downs 10 times every day to tone your core back muscles.