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Hassle-Free Ways To Organize A Three-Day Golf Getaway In Portugal

One of the big advantages that Portugal, and especially the Algarve, possesses is that it is no more than a three hour flight from a huge number of densely populated areas of North and West Europe. The airport at Faro has regular flights bringing golfers to the courses in the Algarve and those who are happy to take an early morning flight will be able to play the same afternoon. That makes the Algarve an excellent choice for a short break, even just a weekend or long weekend. It is perfectly feasible to play on the same day as the flight, either inbound or outbound.

The Algarve is a fairly compact area so travelling to courses of choice is fairly straightforward once you hire a car. Alternatively you may decide that you don’t want the trouble of hiring and driving and prefer instead to organize transfers.

There are a few choices that a group of golfers need to make which will depend upon:

  • Course availability
  • Suitable accommodation
  • Flight times.

It is no good getting the details in place and then finding there are no suitable flights. Planners need to get their flights in place, and they can do that online, and then hope the courses they wish to play will be available. There is plenty of information online about Algarve’s golf courses and indeed there are some 9 hole courses which may help a group to plan. If they cannot get enough time after arrival or before departure for a full round then 9 holes is a possibility and of course green fees will reflect that fact.

Courses can be booked online and if there is an obvious first choice within the group that is the first course to secure. Booking online is perfectly secure and confirmations will come by return. The other choices can be secured in the same way so then the only other thing to do is to find somewhere to stay.

There is plenty of accommodation in the Algarve. It ranges from private villas and self-catering apartments to hotels up to luxury quality. It is probably impractical to think in terms of a villa for such a short stay. Hotels can be booked online of course. There are experts on the area that are happy to help those that don’t want the trouble of doing all this themselves. It may be a matter of whether the group leader has the time to do it.