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5 Secrets To Hitting Your Drives Farther In Golf

Most amateurs struggle on long golf courses because they can’t hit the ball quite far enough. That’s the problem – length off the tee is certainly a major factor in determining your score and you really need to bomb it if you really want to score well. However, how might you do that? Obviously, everyone wants to hit the ball as far as the professionals, but there are limiting factors. The best ways to hit your driver farther is by twitching your swing a little with these secrets:

  • Swing slightly in-to-out
  • That’s what the best players in the world do – just swing the club slightly in-to-out in relation to your target line. What this does is that it helps to reduce energy losses in your swing. Most people can generate tonnes of power, but most of it is lost and cannot be transferred into the ball, hence the distance of drives is short. However, if you manage to retain the energy, you would be absolutely bombing it every time!

  • Grip shorter
  • Yes, you haven’t read it wrongly! Gripping the club shorter would decrease your distance in theory because of shortened length of arc. However, it would help with striking the ball a lot better. The problem with amateur is that they can’t guarantee solid strike with the ball all the time, so by gripping it shorter it would rectify the problem. This also means you would gain distance off it.

  • Try hitting draws
  • Hitting draws would allow more topspin to be generated on the ball and that means more roll. It would also be more controlled compared to hitting slices! All you need to do is just close the clubface slightly and that should do the trick. If anything, combine this with swinging in-to-out and you would get some serious distance.

  • Gym
  • Some strength and conditioning would be a good idea if you were really serious about getting distance off the tee. Try and work on your back muscles, as that would be the most influencing factors in determining your distance. It will be tiring but it’s good!

  • Rotate your hips harder
  • You need immense rotational speed to get the ball flying farther in the air. The idea for you is to try and open up the hips a bit quicker. This would create a larger ‘X-factor’ and you will immediately see an increase in distance. Obviously, this might promote some inaccuracies at first, but once you get a hold of it, you will be hitting long and straight drives and catapulting it down the fairway all the time.