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Effective Golf Instructions for Establishing a Good Club Grip

A decent grip on your club will ensure that the clubface meets the ball at the correct angle. Good grip also allows the golfer to make his or her swing with more freedom, because the basics are taken care of from the get-go. Leverage and support are additional benefits you’ll start enjoying when you grip your club correctly, so let’s take a look at how this is done.

Go for comfortable arms

When you stand in a normal “at-ease” stance, your arms will naturally curve to the front. This should be applied to your golf stance too. When holding your club, relax your arms into their natural position before tending to your grip. Grip has a lot to do with the arms too, so get them right before going forward.

Left is the extension, right is the control

When gripping and swinging, remember that your left hand and arm should act as an extension to your club. The right hand will direct the swing, as it is the hand and arm that flexes the most during the up- and downswing. Realizing this will improve your swing immensely because mentally you’ll be looking at your swing the way the pros do.

Place your grip high up for better control

A technique advised by some instructors is that you should grip your club lower down for more control. However, look to see if this is really working for you. When your grip is low down, it gives the handle of your club a lot of free room to move around, which may cause the angle of your club to change during your swing. Take note of this and if you are skulling your shots, rather move your grip up to ensure less movement of the club.

Set the clubface before initiating your grip

It’s very important that you don’t fix your grip before tending to the angle of your clubface. This will almost certainly do one of two things: Either it will render your clubface too open or too closed, or it will force you to twist your grip to accommodate a right angle. Rather get your clubface angled correctly before finalizing your grip.

A good golf game and various good golfing techniques all stem from knowing how to grip your club properly. Good luck with applying these tips on your next visit to the driving range.