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How To Make The Most Of Your Family Golf Getaway In Faro

Family golf holidays are lots of fun, and Faro offers a variety of options for all ages and personalities. Even if your kids—and perhaps even your spouse—aren’t into golf, you can still enjoy the many activities the city offers with your family. Take note of the following and make the most out of your next gamily golf trip.

  • Take part in other activities in the area
  • Faro is probably best known for its beach front. There are so many activities in the water you won’t stay long enough to do them all. Jet-skiing and scuba diving can take up your whole day and leave little time for anything else. Faro also has many historic sites that you simply must go see with the history buffs in your family.

  • Book as much as you can in advance
  • The best way to enjoy your family golf holiday is to make sure that everything you plan to do is already booked. Waiting for a course to open or having accommodation problems can be a real downer while on vacation. To prevent frustration, plan as far ahead as you can.

  • Take advantage of savings and gain some extra spending money
  • If you have a large family, you are likely to qualify for some great discounts. Take advantage of these wherever you can. Again, booking in advance can get you discounts too. Your flights, car hire and even your course fees may come at a discount if you book them way in advance.

  • Involve your family in your golf game
  • Sure; you’re in Faro to play golf without any distractions. But it can be loads of fun involving your kids and teaching them some game tips. Show your teenage daughter how to swing a golf club or give your wife some putting lessons. Be patient and have fun with your family. The golf courses in Faro are beautiful and you are sure to all enjoy the scenery—if not the game itself.

Your golf vacations in Faro will be whatever you make of it. Chat to your family and find out what they would enjoy. Book these activities before flying over and be sure that everyone gets to do something they like. Best of all, you’ll end up playing a few games of guilt-free golf and enjoy the Portuguese countryside while you’re at it.