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Organizing A Solo Golf Getaway In Faro Algarve

While it is more economical to visit Algarve as a group, there may come a time when you will visit on your own. A solo golf getaway in Faro may be just what the doctor ordered if you are looking to de-stress and work on your game. Here are some pointers on how to book such a holiday as well as what to expect when you do.

Perfect golf location

There are a number of great golf courses in Faro so feel free to book a solo game or two. The best part about playing golf in Faro is that you won’t need to arrange much transport. You will land at Faro airport and most of the accommodation and golf resorts are only a few miles away from there. If you are looking to budget on your holiday, this is a great way to do it.

Historical sites to see

There are some cultural buildings you simply must go see while in Faro. After a good game of golf, go for a short tour and do a little sightseeing. The town hall and Civil Government building in Faro are both historic buildings with a very old world look to them. The statue of King Afonso III is another marvel you must see. If you still have the time, go and see the Carmo Church too. These monuments have made people marvel for decades and will make for excellent photos.

Beach activities

There is also a small beach area in Faro with many beach activities. You may not want to partake in all of them—seeing as you’ll be alone—but a quick swim or some sun tanning will do a lot to relax you for your next golf game.

Loads of accommodation

There is no shortage of accommodation available in Faro—even in the busy seasons. The area is a hot spot for tourists and therefore always has something available for a spontaneous solo tourist. Give a travel agent a call and see what specials they have for golfers. Many of the hotels and resorts will offer you a discount on course fees when you book with them.

So take some time off and enjoy this little piece of the Algarve. You are sure to enjoy your stay and perhaps bring some of your golf buddies along on your next visit.