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Professional Golfer's Advice On How To Handle Hardpan

Most golfers are forced to play on a hard pan due to the effects of weather on the course they usually play on. Whether it is due to lack of rain and proper watering to keep the turf healthy or due to too much rain that causes some of the bunkers to turn into unplayable patches of hard pan, some professional advice on how to play the hard pan can be quite useful and is highly appreciated. Let’s take a look at some effective tips in helping you avoid any regression in your game as a result.

Know the bottom of your swing

When it comes to hardpan lies, then you will have to be able to know exactly where the bottom of your swing lies. This is the main focus of a hardpan. You will want the club fact to make contact at the bottom of your swing or slightly before it gets there. once you have mastered telling where the bottom of your swing is, you will be ready to master this shot and gain the advantage of playing on all types of surfaces whether hardpan or soft with reasonable grass cover.

Ball Position

Another important factor to keep in mind when dealing with a hardpan lie is the ball position. Avoiding hitting the hard ground is vital in your play. You want to ensure that you hit the ball before the club head come into contact with the ground. For this you will need to position the ball slightly backwards from the center of your stance. At this point you will get to hit the ball as the club is continuing with its downward decent and hence avoid hitting the ground first. This is in line with the above tip on hitting the ball just before you get to the bottom of your swing.

You can also avoid hitting the turf by keeping your body weight on the front foot. For right handed golfers this is the left foot. This has been found to be quite effective by a variety of professional golfers.

Follow Through

Like any other short shot, the follow through is always important in ensuring that the ball follows the desired line of travel to the target. For this shot you will need to keep your wrists firmed up while following the shot through at three quarter.

With the above professional tips you will be able to deal with hardpan lies like a pro.