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Essential Advice On How To Play Links Golf Courses

Links golf is the cleanest form of golf. The first golf course of the world, St. Andrews old course is placed on a flat sheathe of Scotland. It was crafted by Mother Nature. Machinery or mankind had no roles to play in it. There are many links golf courses located in Britain and America. You can also find the best of such courses in Algarve. Links course is doubtfully the toughest kind of golf course in the world. If you think that you are ready to handle it, you need to think again. You might recall the year 2002, when even Tiger Woods’ had his worst round ever in a links course when the Ernie Els turned out to be the topper. However, it is of course not impossible to conquer this course. You need some essential tips to play a links course. Let us find out how you can improve your game with these basic tips catering to the needs of each area of golf.

Train yourself to hit the ball off the golf tee

The fairways of the links course may be narrow and sometimes you will find them prickly shrubs, thick tall grasses and pot bunkers. When tough wind is blowing, it might become difficult to take your ball out of trouble. You need to take out the ball straight and low, under the wind using lesser spin in such a manner that it runs down the links fairways.

Play golf with punch, shed your ego

It is very common in links course to find yourself confronting a 125 yards shot into a little raised up green and the strong wind are blowing right into your face. At such times, you need to shed your ego, forget that you smash the gap wedge 130 yards when you swing completely out. You need to play smart. Choose a long club and punch it so that the flight remains down. This will reduce the spin.

You can also play a punch shot. It means that you have to play with a short backswing and de-loft your club to adjust for a short flight. Use your body and forearms to shorten the follow through, and then punch harder through the golf ball at the impact.

Practical putting

You might have been playing at the golf resorts and inland golf courses. These courses mostly demand for sand wedge and lob wedge when the golfers have to play chip shots. They throw the ball high and the ball lands softly. However, the strong winds of the links course buffet the golf ball beginning from the shortest distance. This makes the precise chipping tougher. You can try putting from at least 25 yards off your greens and produce great results. This is a good short game alternate you can take on the links. Your worst putt shot is always better than the worse chip shot.