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How To Stop Blocking Your Shots On The Golf Course

A blocked shot in golf is when a golfer swings their club with an open face resulting in early impact of the ground prior to hitting the ball. Players need to understand their swing angle and how the club needs to establish a clear plane. In this case your arms come out as you swing the club but when they are straight out in front they may prevent the club from traveling the plane necessary to make contact. The good news is there is an easy way to reduce and avoid this with following suggestions.

  • Make your body align with your target (the hole). Keep your left shoulder square as it faces your target. Your shoulder should be over your left foot. As you are standing feet should be positioned at should-width.
  • Your feet should move easily from the back to the front when knees are bent. The ball at this point is played closer to you and your front foot.
  • As you go into your backswing your hips should rotate. If you can rotate your hips fully you achieve more power and increase accuracy. Something to remember as you go into your backswing; if you fail to complete your backswing and start to enter your downswing too early you are more likely to make impact early and create the block shot.
  • Hip rotation should aim toward the left. As your left hip travels through with the swing this is where you should hit the ball or make impact. The movement should be smooth and consistent all the way through.
  • A full follow through should complete your swing. If you stop your swing too soon the ball may not get enough distance or power behind it. Some players see the ball veer into a different direction when they fail to complete the swing. When you follow through your arms should be shoulder height.
  • Keep the club face closed as you swing through. You can do this by rotating the knuckles of your lead hand in the direction of the ground. If you are right-handed this means you would rotate your left-hand.
  • Ensure you play with good posture and warm up before playing rounds. This helps your body get used to different positions and you can enjoy a better outcome. You also reduce risk of getting injured or pulling a muscle.