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How to Develop Good Iron Play Skills in Golf

Hitting quality iron shots is often what separates an average golfer from a good one. While it is fun, and important, to hit a long drive right down the middle of the fairway, that shot will be wasted if you hit a poor iron shot into the green. Being able to consistently hit the green with your iron shots, and get a few of them close to the hole, is important if you want to take the next step in your game.

The tips below are meant to be put to use in your iron game as you work on becoming a better overall player.

  • Hit down through the ball. One of the essential elements of good iron play is hitting down through the ball and taking a divot out of the grass. In order to get a nice ball flight that climbs high into the air with plenty of backspin, you need to hit down through the ball aggressively. To achieve this, work on maintaining good balance throughout your swing and not letting your weight slide away from the target during your backswing. With a controlled and balanced swing you should be able to create a solid, downward impact time after time.
  • Practice different shots. Don’t get stuck in a rut hitting the same kind of iron shot time after time. Try to use different trajectories and a mix of draws and fades to learn how to control the ball better off the club face. You might not always pull off the shot you are trying to hit, but just by trying different things you will learn a lot about the golf swing. Also, having at least a couple different shot shapes available to you on any given iron shot will give you options for course management.
  • Don’t swing 100%. You won’t win any awards for hitting your iron shots longer than your playing competitors – it is all about getting the ball close to the hole. Try to limit your iron swings to around 75% of your maximum effort so you can be sure to maintain balance and control. You will find that it is easier to hit the ball close to the hole when you don’t swing with full effort, mostly because you can make better contact with the ball at impact. When it comes to iron shots, a little restraint can go a long way.