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An Overview of the Pinheiros Altos Golf Course in the Algarve

The Pinherios Altos Golf Course in Algarve is one of Europe’s most elite high quality courses golfers can enjoy. You have a wide variety of options to enjoy when you visit. Golfers will enjoy excellent views and challenging holes. The course also provides luxury accommodations and a fully equipped golf academy for golfers of all levels. This is the place to really test your abilities and pick up some pointers on how to improve your game. Here are a few pointers to review to help you get to know the Pinheiros Altos Golf Course.

  • The course offers three course options for golfers totaling 27 holes with 9 holes each. They feature various trees including pines and olives. If you love the nature and outdoor setting you will have plenty to gaze at with the choice of three golf courses. As a great option for people that may want to play more than one course, you can choose where to play based on the layout of the course and your skillset.
  • Membership options allow golfers to enjoy more privileges. The Pinherios Altos Golf Course offers membership options that make playing on the course more of a privilege. You learn about tournaments, discounts and events that can make your visit more memorable. You may be able to take advantage of events that challenge your skill level.
  • Rules and etiquette of the course should be reviewed prior to play. This is an important element to review before you play on the course. Each course option has different elements that are outlined in the rules. Plus, this information not only helps you be safe on the course, it may give tips on how to play certain holes and what to look out for while playing.
  • The greens of each course are considered fast and firm. The fairway features slopes, hills and plenty of bunkers. The fairway is a pretty sight for those that enjoy plush green. Yet, it can be a challenge for those that need to work on controlling ball distance and movement.
  • Each 9 hole golf course may have similar features but they offer different play experiences. Don’t be fooled by the element of 3 courses. Each course has a specific design with challenges that may look easy, but you just don’t know until you get out there and play some rounds.