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Oceanico Old Golf Course Review: 5 Essential Points

The southern part of Portugal that’s popularly known as the Algarve region is by no stretch of the imagination a large piece of land. But, this region that measures just 200kms from the Spanish border to the coastline is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. Algarve is dotted with courses that find mention in the Top 100 Golf Courses in the World list.

At the heart of the most popular golf destination is situated the Oceanico Old Golf Course. This classic course is right at the top of the list, sharing space with only a handful of courses from around the world. In this article we offer a short 5 point review of the golf course.

  1. Golfers would want to spend every minute of their vacation on the golf course. In case of Oceanico Old Course you won’t have to waste time on travel. The course is only 20 minutes drive from the Faro International Airport.
  2. The course is situated in Vilamoura, which is considered to be the Mecca of Golf in Portugal. There are plenty of resorts and hotels in the region to cater the accommodation requirements of every type of tourist. The Oceanico Old Golf Course is committed to environmental protection. It strictly follows all the environmental protection policies and guidelines laid out by Green Globe and ISO 14001 standards.
  3. This renowned golf course was created on the beautiful natural terrain without harming it in any way. Actually, the course set among tall pine trees adds beauty and grandeur to the landscape. The Oceanico Old Golf Course is well known around the world for its quality and visual magnificence.
  4. Referred by many as the Grande Dame of Algarve golf courses, the Oceanico Old has been periodically modernized and renovated to suit the changing times and preferences of the golfers. The course was opened in the year 1969 and the last major renovation of the course happened in 1994. While modernizing, the administrators are very careful not to change or affect the old school charm of the original course.
  5. Also worth mentioning here is the clubhouse and the practice green that were added over the years. Other golf facilities that guests can expect at the Oceanico Old Golf Course are the driving range, putting green area, the golf pro shop, buggy bar, valet service, and bar/restaurant. The Oceanico Old Golf Course is a must visit for anyone planning a golf vacation in Algarve, Portugal.