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Hitting A Good Shot From An Uphill Slope: Tips For Golfers

Ever wondered if a steep, uphill slope calls for a difference in technique? Well, the answer is yes. There are six main points to consider when hitting a golf ball uphill—and we’ve laid them out for you here.

  • Address should accommodate the slope
  • First of all, when addressing the ball, be sure to stand with the slope. This means that your feet, shoulders, waist and legs should accommodate the hill at the same angle. Shoulders are the most important, and should be parallel with the incline. If your shoulders are not perfectly in line with the slope, your club’s head will not meet its correct low point.

  • Stand with your feet wider apart
  • Balance your entire body a lot more effectively by standing with your feet further apart than normal. The steeper the incline, the wider your feet should be—because the more balance you will need.

  • Stand slightly behind the ball
  • The ball should not be dead centre. Make sure it’s slightly forward from the centre of your feet. Ensuring this will help you to connect the ball in the correct spot despite the distraction of the slope.

  • Put more weight on the right foot
  • The steeper the hill, the more weight will be on the right foot. Since you are hitting uphill, there will always be more weight on the right. This should happen naturally when you accommodate the slope with your stance.

  • Remember to follow through
  • It’s harder to follow through with your ball when hitting the ball uphill. But don’t neglect this crucial part of your swing. Make a conscious effort to effect the follow through no matter how awkward the slope makes it feel.

  • Use a stronger iron to make up for the height
  • You will find that hitting a golf ball uphill results in a slight loss of distance. This is because more height will characterize the shot. For this reason, be sure to use a lower number club to make up for this. For hills that are not too steep, go one number lower. But if the hill is very steep (more than 45 degrees), you may need to go two numbers lower.

So don’t let those pesky slopes crush your confidence. Hitting uphill is mostly to do with stance rules. Once you have this part down, the rest will come naturally.