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General Instructions On How To Improve Your Hybrid Play Accuracy

The development of the hybrid club was intended to address the problems many golfers had of hitting a long iron. Its base was a smaller version of a fairway wood; indeed the head itself is smaller yet the distances that golfers can achieve with a hybrid are impressive. They come with differing lofts and they are able to get through rough of varying difficulty to allow the user to make significant progress down a hole. Most golfers carry at least one hybrid and the club that tends to be replaced is a long iron.

Get a solid hit

Average golfers have difficulty with the length of the shaft of a long iron and its relatively shallow loft. They are certainly not clubs that they can select for a difficult lie when there is still some distance to go. The hybrid has increased weight in the base which changes its centre of gravity. That helps to provide a solid hit just when it is needed and depending on the loft involved, the height to help the ball travel a good distance.

It is not just a matter of buying a hybrid or two and assuming that your game will suddenly be transformed. You must practice with a hybrid to see how far you hit a particular loft and whether the club suits you.

The technique

  • Take your normal stance with the ball slightly further forward that it would be with your irons.
  • Use a relaxed grip and bring the club head back slowly.
  • Ensure you swing smoothly, bringing the club down at a steeper angle than you would an iron.
  • Check that you haven’t taken too big a divot. If you have you are coming down too steeply.
  • The hybrid is at its best if it sweeps the ball away. Your golf ball should land softly so that when you are calculating the distance to your intended target and the club you need to take.

Hybrids have commonly got the description ‘rescue clubs’ precisely because of their capacity to get golfers out of difficult situations ranging from tight lies to rough where the player still wants to make significant distance with the club. Everyone will have their own ideas of what they want from a hybrid and will select the loft accordingly. They are available as an equivalent of 1 or 2 iron right through the range of iron lofts and if you can perfect your use of them then you will certainly have more options on the course.