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The Key To Making A Good Downhill Approach Shot

Making a downhill approach shot is not as difficult as you think it to be. It is just about following the right technique and you’re done. Read through the below mentioned tips of making a good downhill approach shot and see how you can easily play it.

  1. The set-up
  2. For hitting a downhill lie approach shot, you must ensure that you follow the correct set-up. For this, you must place your clubhead behind the golf ball and keep your feet wider apart as compare to your normal set up. This will increase your stance’s stability on the slope.

    Also, make sure that you put the golf ball in the same position as you place it for a normal shot. That is, it should be a little bit forward and in the middle of your set up. However, if the slope is quite steep, then you must hit your club into the ground at the back of the golf ball, instead of the golf ball itself. For this, you must place the golf ball further behind in your set up, where you can easily make a good contact with it.

  3. The position of your body
  4. Once you make the correct stance, you must lower your left shoulder, so that they are parallel with the slope of the ground. From this position, swing with the slope and approach the golf ball in a clean way, instead of hitting into the slope at the back of the golf ball.

    Thus, leaning your shoulder by way of the slope will allow you to put more weight on your left foot in your stance, which is around 60 per cent for a moderate slope and more on a vertical hill, wherein you need to lean more further to your left side.

  5. The swing
  6. The swing for a good downhill lie shot is similar to your normal swing, in which you have to turn your body about its spinal axis. However, make sure that you put your weight on your left foot all through your swing, due to the slope and not shift it from one foot to another. When the downhill slope of the ground makes your golf ball fly lower than the normal flight, add one number on your wedge. For instance, use an 8 iron rather than a 7 iron.

    And, if the green is beneath you, you must add two numbers on to your wedge, since the golf ball needs to fly more than the normal flight. Make sure that you aim to the left of your target on a downhill. Through this, your golf ball will take off to the right from the downward slope, due to the weight that you placed on your left foot, which made it easier for the golf ball to land, along with your body placed in the forward of your golf ball during impact.

Thus, you must opt for the right club, take your position with the slope, and aim towards the left of your target, so that the golf ball ends up nicely on to the green, resulting in a good downhill approach shot.