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Free Tutorial On How To Carry Out The Upslope Bunker Shot

Upslope bunker shot is a typically difficult shot for the amateur golfers. It puts them in trouble since this shot is quite difficult to master. But, you do not have to worry. Every single problem in golf has a solution. If you know the sound techniques plus some of the tricks, you can overcome this trouble very easily. Go through the techniques mentioned below to look for appropriate solutions:

  1. Selection of the club: The foremost thing in golf is the selection of a right club. If your ball is lounging on an uphill, your trajectory of hitting will become higher comparatively. It will result in the ball covering lesser distance. Generally, the beginners prefer Lob wedge for this shot, which is definitely not right. You must always choose a pitching wedge or a sand wedge while hitting such shots. Since you are standing on the upslope, it is not a problem to attain height. Thus, if you use a sand wedge, it will help you.
  2. Shot set up: It is crucial to set up your body in conjunction with the inclination of slope. The shoulders must be parallel to the slant side of the uphill. And, you must stand in order to keep the golf ball a little forward to the center of the stance. Your focus should be at a right angle with the hole. This arrangement allows you to hit an accurate shot.
  3. Distribution of weight: It is important to know that your weight should not be inclined on the lead leg. The recommendable weight distribution is half and half on both legs. If you concentrate your weight on your lead leg, it may make the club to stick in the sand while you make an impact. And, if the weight is concentrated on the hind leg, the shot will not be very accurate and the ball will also not cover much distance.
  4. Backswing technique: Backswing is also an important thing which determines the consequence of your shot. It is recommended that you turn around the club head open plus let the club bounce prior to the impact. It will make less impact with sand and give your shot more power and accuracy. Most bunker shots require this technique because it clears your path and makes passage through sand. In addition, you must remember that your hands must not go above your waist as you take the backswing.