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7 Keys To Dealing With Dried Out Ground Lies On The Golf Course

During dry months the golf courses in your region are likely to become dry and hard. Fairways are especially tough to play off because dry weather completely changes the nature of the surface. Here are seven tips to follow when playing a shot off a dry ground lie.

What you’re aiming for

  • Aim low
  • Dry ground provides a better run. For this reason, aim low because you’ll get more distance if you simply let the ball roll to where it’s headed.

  • Hit a divot
  • You also want to try your best to hit a divot into the ground. Not for the sake of hitting a divot, but because the shot needs to be hard and deep behind the ball.

How to achieve this

In order to get all of this right, you will need to follow the following stance pointers:

  • Bend low
  • Your knees should be bent lower than usual. Try to get your head closer to the ball so that you can hit it in the right spot (as discussed above).

  • Body twisted with weight on the left
  • Your waist should twist to the left in conjunction with your bent knees. This will look and feel awkward, but it will put the rest of your body in the position it needs to be to make this shot.

  • Grip pushed forward
  • When you twist your body in this way, your grip will automatically be pushed forward. This forward grip is the perfect setup for the swing you need to make (see point 7).

  • Stand in front of the ball
  • The ball should be so behind in your stance that it almost lines up with your right foot. This may make it slightly more challenging to achieve the divot-creating shot we spoke about earlier. But that is why your head should be as low as possible so that your view is not compromised.

  • Focus on the forward swing
  • You’re looking to achieve a three-quarter swing without snapping your wrist back. On the down swing, be sure to come down a lot harder than usual.

Because these shots aren’t needed very often, you may have to train yourself to pull them off when and where you need them. Keep these tips in mind and try to memorise them for when this shot is required.