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How To Regrip Your Golf Clubs In Your Own Garage

If there is one thing that most golfers wish they were able to do outside the golf course, it has to be the ability to regrip your own club. There are so many players who like to do this, considering that in the long run you end up saving on so much in the process. In as far as regripping your club is concerned there are a number of steps that you can follow to get this done. You must also realize that these steps are not always definite. Depending on the person from whom you are getting instructions, you can have anything between 6 and 9 steps to regripping your club.

  • First you will need to have the club fastened to a vise with a vise clamp. To have a better shot at being effective with this, make sure that the position of the club is perpendicular to the floor if you are holding it up in a playing position.
  • Make sure that you hold the new grip in a direction parallel to the club. This will help you determine the region of the club that has to be covered by the tape. After determining this you can then go on and pour some of the solvent in through the vent hole across the entire length of the tape. It is important to mention here that the tape you choose needs to be double sided for the best results. If you have any other clubs that need to be regripped, you can use a tray to catch any excess solvent that might be sliding off for use later on.
  • Finally you can then align the grip properly. In terms of aligning the grip, ensure that you keep it alongside the square face of the club. For the best results, it is often advisable to make sure that you do this at least within the first minute of applying the grip on the club. When you are done you can leave the club alone to dry off for some hours. Allow it as much time as possible to dry before you can start using the club to play again.

There are lots of benefits to learning how to regrip your club on your own. One of these is that you will not necessarily have to hire someone to do it for you at a steep cost.