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How to Set a Proper Golf Posture: Three Simple Tips

Golf posture is one of those things that you probably know is important, yet you might not have spent much time thinking about it or working on it. In reality, making sure you have a good posture should be one of your top golf priorities, because it sets up so much of the rest of your swing. When you stand over the ball correctly, part of the work that goes into hitting a good shot is already done. A bad posture can set you up for a poor result, even if you do everything else correct during your swing.

Take the following three tips with you to the practice range the next time you head out to improve your game –

  • Flex in your knees. Good posture starts from the ground up, and that includes having a small amount of flex in your knees. Many golfers make the mistake of standing close to straight up at address, which is a hard position to make a good swing from. You want to have enough flex in your knees so that your legs feel engaged as you stand over the ball and you are prepared to make an athletic swing.
  • Chip up and eyes down. Having heard the advice that they need to ‘keep their head down’, some golfers push their chin right down into their chest to the point where they are hunched over the ball. In fact, you actually want to keep your head up so you allow for freedom of movement in your shoulders and torso once the swing starts. You do, however, need to keep your eyes down on the ball throughout the swing. As you get ready to take your posture, keep in mind the simple saying of ‘chin up, eyes down’, and you should be able to get into a good position.
  • Balance, balance, balance. If you only do one thing right when taking your posture, it should be your balance. Make sure you are as evenly balanced as possible before you start the swing. The reason is quite simple – if you don’t start balanced, you will have a hard time getting on balance as you swing the club. The results of poor balance can range from inconsistent contact to a loss of distance. Don’t start your swing before you feel like you are balanced over the ball and you may notice that your results quickly improve.