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Golf Instruction – Developing Your Short Game Technique

Developing short game technique involves plenty of practice. You can practice your technique anytime whether you are on or off the green. This may include practicing chipping and putting from time to time depending on your technique. Overall, you want to develop a method that you can be consistent with during short game play. Think about your target and the distance the ball needs to travel. You will also need to develop a good swing technique you can rely on. Here are some points to help you develop your short game technique.

Achieve Distance Control

One of the most important aspects of short game technique development is distance control. Professional golfers make it look easy for anyone to just come onto the course and hit a ball in the direction they want it to go. But in reality, many people don’t realize that professionals read the greens before taking their shot. They do this and judge the distance of where the ball travels. You can practice this element by hitting balls to a certain area and repeat the process keeping the ball in the area it is being hit to.

Know How to Spot Your Shots

You can practice chip shots which try to get ball to land in a specific area. This can help you spot shots and get an idea of where the ball may land before you attempt your shot. This may have a little to do with distance control, except with distance control you complete an action to help you keep the ball in a certain area. At this point, spotting refers to knowing where your ball will land depending on the technique you use to get it there. When you have a good idea of where the ball will land this can help you tremendously when making adjustments to your swing technique.

Review Mechanical Elements and Seek Additional Advice

There are a few mechanical elements to understand as you develop your technique. You can gain more insight on how to develop body positioning and form when watching your favorite golfer on the green. You can try techniques that include improving swing method, setup and how you approach the ball at address. It helps to develop your short game with a buddy or a golf instructor. You may find it helpful to get advice from someone that can help you make corrections along the way.