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How to Make the Golf Swing in the Cold Weather

Most people think of golf as a summer or spring sport, but there are a few golfers that like to play when the weather is cold. How do they do it? Playing golf in the cold may seem odd, but when you have an approach that helps you play efficiently, you may get a few holes in one no matter the temperature. There are a few elements golfers should consider when playing in the cold. Then, you can develop strategies to help you play your best despite the cold weather.

Understand How You Will Need to Make Changes to Your Swing in the Cold

In short, you may need to make adjustments to how you approach the ball and how you swing. For instance, some golfers make adjustments to how they address the ball. The position of your shoulders is important as you want to have good motion when you follow through and swing. Some suggest your shoulders would be at a different height, with your left higher than the right (or the other way around depending on how you hold your club and which hand is your leading hand). As the ball is being passed it may do so through your right shoulder instead of your left.

Have Good Protection for Your Hands and Head

Depending on the temperature you want to make sure you are dressed appropriately. If you are too cold this can affect how you swing. Your feet should also be warm and comfortably covered. If you are too cold this can affect how you concentrate on your swing (or you may not be able to at all). Think about clothing that is appropriate but will allow you to make fluid movements when you swing. Remember to take care of yourself just as you would during warmer weather.

Additional Tips on Making Golf Swings in the Cold

Your ball should be at a good temperature, or at the least you don’t want it to be too cold as it can affect how it rolls on the green. Your equipment should be in good condition and you should learn how to care for it during cooler weather for better performance. Stretching can make a difference, especially during cooler temperatures. This can help improve shoulder movement during swings. Focus on maintaining good balance and a good tempo when you swing to make shots solid.