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Best 5-star Golf Hotels For A Getaway In Eastern Algarve

Undoubtedly, Algarve in Portugal is the best golf destination in the world. The variety of attractions in this southern region of Portugal is just amazing. Even this small region, can be further divided into Western, Central, and Eastern Algarve, and each sub-region is unique and has something special to offer to its visitors.

Eastern Algarve, in particular, is for people who love nature, admire the rich history and culture of the land, and want to spend their golf holiday in a tranquil and peaceful environment. If you’re planning a holiday in Eastern Algarve, we would suggest you to avail the best accommodation available. Here are some of the best 5-star hotels in Eastern Algarve.

The Real Marina Hotel

The Real Marina Hotel stands majestically overlooking the striking panorama of the Formosa Estuary Natural Park. This 5-star hotel offers every luxury and amenity that would please the most demanding golf holiday maker. The hotel is a class apart; amenities such as restaurants, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, thalassotherapy spa, and excellent staff, all make it a must visit for a golf traveler.

Your excuse to stay at the Real Marina Hotel doesn’t end there. Not too far from the hotel are gorgeous beaches on Barrier Islands that can be accessed by a short boat ride. Golf lovers would be thrilled to know that Real Marina Hotel will book courses and even offer special rates at premium courses such as Oceanico, Balaia, and Pine Cliffs.

The Casa De Estoi Hotel

Though The Casa De Estoi Hotel was built in the early 20th Century it has been renovated to include luxuries and comforts of the modern era. It’s a rather small hotel comprising of just six bedrooms, but to many people’s surprise, it’s very famous for its regional architecture and beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings. Those who love a quiet, peaceful golf vacation must make The Casa De Estoi Hotel their holiday home.

The Pousada Convento da Graça

The historical city of Tavira is an attraction in itself; an excellent place to experience the ancient influence, both Roman and Arab. The hotel is special because it was actually a 16th Century convent that has been converted into a luxury accommodation. By staying here you don’t just experience history, but be part of it. The management has designed comfortable rooms without diminishing its historical and cultural significance. The Pousada Convento da Graça is a charming place to stay on your golf vacation. The hotel provides all facilities and even makes arrangement for corporate events and other special occasions.