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Golf Holidays In Algarve: Top 7 Destinations For Seasoned Players

Algarve has a wide selection of courses, but not all of these are for beginners. If you’re a seasoned player and would like to try out a golf course that poses a decent challenge, then we would like to suggest the following seven Algarve golf courses.


Even though the first two holes of the Morgado course are relatively easy, the rest of the course will not sit well with amateurs. From the third hole onwards, you will need to be diligent in your drive, iron play, and putting. Watch out for the sixth hole as this is the hardest of them all.

Quinta da Cima

A number of natural water hazards feature on the Quinta da Cima golf course. The course has been strategically built around these water hazards to affect a challenging course that calls for careful navigation. In addition to water on almost every hole, large trees will also force you to hit accurate shots, or be swallowed up by forestation.


Because Salgados has been converted into a golf course from an airstrip, you will find it very narrow—leaving very little room for error. This course also has plenty of water hazards and these will shadow the bunkers in the eye of the golfer.

Pinheiros Altos

From the very start of this course you will soon learn that aim is everything. The first half of the course will require careful approach shots due to the constant inclines and declines. On the second half, your short play will be tested to the limit.

Quinta do Vale

This course is known for two things: Its designer, Seve; and the multiple doglegs that guarantee a challenge. While amateurs can still play the course and have fun, it’s actually a course made for seasoned players who push themselves for a low score.

Vale da Pinta

Played by many professionals from around the world, this championship course is sure to challenge you no matter who you are. Bunkers have been placed to almost burst your bubble and force your focus back on the game and off the beautiful lake scenery. Good luck with this one.

Pine Cliffs

A favourite of many professionals; Pine Cliffs golf course lives up to its name. You will be challenged by tall pine trees as well as steep hills that will test your chipping and your putting. Work on your accuracy before paying this one a visit.