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The Monte Rei Golf Course: Play Strategy Tips

You probably opted for the Monte Rei golf course because you heard it was arguably the best in Portugal. This refers to the service of the club, the staff and the facilities there. However, it also refers to the course itself. Monte Rei has been expertly designed to deliver a great view and a serious challenge. Here’s how to approach this golf course.

High pitching and chip shots

Slopes dominate many areas of the Monte Rei golf course. This means that your best high pitching and chipping will be called upon. High shot pitches will land your ball in tight areas without rolling or bouncing into nearby bunkers. If you can perfect a good spin on both your pitching and your chipping, do so in preparation for this golf course.

Distance will save you loads of trouble

As hinted to above, there are loads of bunkers. What you may not know is that many of them are tightly arranged in respective areas that make them difficult to avoid. The best strategy here is to work on distance and accuracy at the same time. Distance that overshoots these difficult areas will prevent you from having to get bogged down. If your opponent happens to land in a bunker ‘area’, you may find yourself two or three points ahead just because of clever planning.

Long play or short play

It’s difficult to say whether short play or long play is more important on this course. First of all, if your long play is good enough, you may not need to bother with much short play. However, if your long play is lacking, then you’d better make up for it with some good chipping and even better putting. The best advice to give is to take your time with your long shots. If you mess up, make sure you have backup short game skills to compensate.

Putting strategies

Many of the 18 holes have wide and sloped putting greens. Distance in putting is probably the wisest route to take throughout the course. Putting power will make up for inclines and long putting will secure a par score or perhaps even a birdie.

In addition to the course, the club itself has been noted as top class. Visit this golf course if you can and experience the luxury and intricate design that have made it famous.