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Quick Golf Tips On How To Have The Proper Setup Off The Tee

Setting up correctly off the tee is important for dictating the accuracy of the shots and the score that you come in with after 18 holes. Off the tee is where it all begins. If you're not set up properly at the tee box then you will hit a bad shot. After that, you will be in trouble for the rest of the hole. From there you are struggling to make a good score and keep your handicap at it's current leve.

The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of shot you want to play:

  • If you want to play a fade, then go over to the right-hand side of the tee
  • If you want to hit a right-to-left draw then you want to go over to the left hand side

Looking at the angle of the hole will help you see where the trouble is and where you have the most margin of error. For example, if you are playing a dogleg left hole, then you want to draw the ball and if you are playing a dog-leg right hole, then you want to slice the ball.

When you tee up the driver, make sure that the ball rests on the tee so that half of the ball is above the clubhead when you rest the driver behind the ball. When playing a long or mid-iron off the tee, you want the top of the ball level with the top of the ball when you address the ball. For a short iron off the tee, you want to tee barely above the level of the grass so you can hit down on the ball.

Another tip you can try to improve your set up off the tee is to line up the name of the golf ball manufacturer and toward your target. Placing the logo of the ball this way will help you with alignment and help you focus on the target.

The final tip I'm leaving you with is about strategy. Remember that the purpose of the tee shot it to put the ball in the correct position for the second shot. A tee shot is not measured in terms of distance but assessed in terms of position. By having this strategy in your mind, you are less likely to try to hit the ball too hard.