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Why You Should Visit The Santo Antonio Golf Course In Algarve

It’s always something special for a golfer to visit Algarve and play a round of golf at one of many famous golf courses there. It would be a dream come true for many people. Out of all the brilliant golf courses, there are several that truly stand out and it would be a magnificent experience to play there; take Santo Antonio for example. The place is a beauty and there are mainly positive comments about the course. You may ask, what makes Santo Antonio so special? After all, it’s just a golf course. Well here are the facts that make the place extraordinary.

Located next to a fishing village!

This is certainly interesting, isn’t it? There aren’t many golf courses that are situated near fishing villages and Santo Antonio is one of the few! The fishing village served as an important factor in Portuguese history and those who like it should certainly play this course. It’s a mixture of lovely golf and wonderful history!

Very hilly

Looking for a challenge? Well you’ve got it here at Santo Antonio. The course is so hilly with plenty of slopes. It’s very much like a survival game and you have to pick your shots carefully. Landing the ball in the wrong spot could cost you quite a few shots. Plan and think strategically and that would be the only way to score around here. It’s certainly going to prove difficult but also satisfying if you survive it!

So obviously, if you don’t think you can handle the slopes, it would be wise for you to train your endurance first. Just a little warning, it is very tiring and for those who can’t walk on hills for four hours or more, Santo Antonio wouldn’t be the best course.

Great landscape

As mentioned, the course is hilly and that builds to a near-perfect natural landscape. It makes shots sometimes rather difficult and it could even be blind shots! So obviously, you have to be wary of that. Apart from that, it would also be nice to just visit the course because of the beautiful landscape. The effects are rather pleasant and it would certainly help you relax. Golf shouldn’t be too stressful and you should actually be enjoying your time whilst on the course! Enjoy the scenes and play great golf at Santo Antonio – not to mention it has a great clubhouse and resort!